Paper Services

The Colombier Group Service Division operates 10 mobile paper sizers across Europe and has a range of complementary mobile support services such as reel repacking and core reduction. The group also has sheeting and rewinding facilities in Western- and Northern-Europe, and mobile re packaging units serving many of the Atlantic ports. Colombier services are divided to On-site and Off-site Services:


Our On-site Services, offered at the operative units in The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium and UK consist of rewinding, reSizing and sheeting. ReSizing is also carried out at own premises in Germany, Spain and Czech Republic.


The most common reasons for rewinding are:

  • Change of diameter
  • Change of core
  • Production of multiple webs (down to reel width 5cm reels)
  • Replacing a damaged or crushed core
  • Quality control; removing unmade joins etc.

The Jagenberg and Valmet rewinders are capable of handling a great variety of paper and board grades. The processed goods are finished off with integrated packing lines that deliver mill standard packing with the possibility of customizing labels and bar coding.


Two sheet cutters are operated in UK with differing specifications allowing a wide range of converting parameters in board, woodfree coated/uncoated, LWC, and specialty qualities.

One sheet cutter is operated in Antwerp Belgium suitable for board and heavier paper grades. 


The off-site Services comprise of activities carried out at customer's own premises, or any other third party location. These external - also know as Mobile - Services are reel resizing, reel splitting, and reel repacking services. There is also a supplementary core insert program for reducing the size of the inner cores of reels.

The off site services are available throughout Europe.

These high end sawing and reSizing techniques have made Colombier the European leader in modern conversion.