• Colombier - Industrial Service Provider to Paper and Board Industries
  • Paper Services

    Colombier Group Service Division operates sheeting and rewinding facilities in several European countries.

    The Mobile Paper Sizers travel across Europe and come with a range of complementary services such as reel repacking and core reduction.

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    Mobile Reel Services

    Colombier is specialized in off-site reel conversion offering a high quality end result without the need for any fixed infrastructure. Colombier provides all the equipment and Operators required to divide or resize reels at any given location across Europe. It is an autonomous operation at customer premises that is set up in two hours from the time of arrival.

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    Paper Products

    Colombier Sales Division is a well established supplier of printing papers and a variety of board and speciality paper grades. Many specifications are carried in stock placed at our operative companies across Europe.

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    Hi, we are Colombier and we provide creative and positive business solutions to help your business strive.

    We are family-owned international paper company The Finnish roots go back to 1892. The company has paper processing operations in Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany and Belgium. COLOMBIER is represented through sales offices across Europe.

    Various mobile and on location equipment are used to re-process paper reels and sheets. We trade in forest products and represents several paper producers in various markets. COLOMBIER is a license holder of the private label brand BJORNBERG 1892. Our esteemed customers include publishers, printers, merchants, retailers and paper and packaging producers and converters worldwide. Our company is among the largest forest product converting corporations in Europe.

    COLOMBIER is known as a pioneer in using new technologies and has an extensive range of mobile machinery for reel resizing and repackaging.

    Our mission is to be the premier service brand to the global forest industry, recognized for creativity and positive business solutions.

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    We work with market leading firms around Europe and give our clients the highest quality Service.

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