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Winner of the NextGen Cup Challenge

Colombier wins NextGen Cup Challenge. Leading brands, industry experts and innovators came together to bring fully recoverable hot and cold fiber cup systems to a global scale. Colombier Barrier Coating– Winner in the Global NextGen Cup Challenge TheNextGen Consortium, convened by Closed Loop Partners,  announced the winners of the NextGen Cup Challenge – an open-sourced, […]

Colombier Barrier Coating

Designing sustainable solutions to reduce plastic impact on the environment. Most fiber cups and packages have a thin plastic coating to make packaging water or grease resistant. At Colombier, we don’t use plastic, we make a water based, recyclable and compostable product. That is why our single use fibre cup can be discarded in the normal paper and board recycling collection. Your cup will become more little cups…or if you insist compost it. Our […]

Reel reSizing – Ecological and economical solution for off-size material

Colombier mobile machinery puts redundant material back to circulation. We provide equipment and Operators to divide or resize paper and board reels on-site anywhere in Europe. Compared to traditional methods Colombier Mobile Service neutralises carbon footprint, decreases energy consumption and recovers the most material …And it saves money too. The off-site Services comprise of activities […]