Reel reSizing – Ecological and economical solution for off-size material

Colombier mobile machinery puts redundant material back to circulation. We provide equipment and Operators to divide or resize paper and board reels on-site anywhere in Europe. Compared to traditional methods Colombier Mobile Service neutralises carbon footprint, decreases energy consumption and recovers the most material …And it saves money too.

The off-site Services comprise of activities carried out at customer’s own premises or any external location. These off-site Services – also known as Mobile Services, are designed to divide reels reduce reel width and to repair damaged paper or board reels.

Compared to traditional converting Colombier Mobile Services are ecological and economical.

Mobile Services

  • Decrease carbon footprint by cutting down unnecessary material transports
  • Decrease electricity used in the process by 75%
  • Minimizes material waste; original wrapping retained and zero slab-off waste.
  • Retains mill winding quality

The off site services are available throughout Europe.

We provide all the equipment and Operators needed to divide or resize reels at any given location anywhere in Europe. This is a fully autonomous operation without the need for any fixed infrastructure.

The operation is set up in two hours at any location of choice.

Mobile Service solutions offer superior value compared to any conventional alternative.