Colombier Barrier Coating

Designing sustainable solutions to reduce plastic impact on the environment.

Most fiber cups and packages have a thin plastic coating to make packaging water or grease resistant. At Colombier, we don’t use plastic, we make a water based, recyclable and compostable product. That is why our single use fibre cup can be discarded in the normal paper and board recycling collection. Your cup will become more little cups…or if you insist compost it.

Our environmental food grade barrier coating can be used for all kinds of paper and board packages.

Key attributes:

  • BioBarrier is custom made for each end-use to create the optimum properties against water, oil or grease.
  • BioBarrier can be heat resistant for oven applications
  • BioBarrier can be heat-sealed
  • BioBarrier packaging is printable in full color for branding
  • BioBarrier coating is water based and does not contain any fluoro chemicals softening or hardening- or other, additives which may be harmful to health.