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    Paper Products

    Colombier Sales Division is a well established supplier of printing papers and a variety of board and speciality paper grades. Many specifications are carried in stock placed at our operative companies across Europe.

    Continuous investments are made in systems and processes to accommodate smooth integration to customer routines. Colombier provides highly customized services along the delivery of the goods and conversion services. Whether the demand concerns IFRA standard bar coding, custom made labels, or Papinet based electronic documents; Colombier has the industry standards available.

    Contact your local Colombier representative to tailor the delivery of your product or service to suit your process.

    Family owned trading tradition since 1781

    Prime Trading

    Prime material is delivered back-to-back with the supplying mills. Customers enjoy long term committed supply and technical support predominantly from European paper mills.

    Prime grades include- but are not limited to, cupstock, various barrier coated wrapping grades, MG (un)bleached Kraft, brown lightweight krafliner, ribbed kraft, crepe paper, CCK, Glassine, mechanical coated sheets, mechanical uncoated sheets, Light and medium weight coated reels.

    Our ambition is to give great service to our clients. Be it a paper mill that we represent or a customer that we serve.

    Joblot Concept

    Colombier offers the graphical industry an alternative to standard mill supply in printing papers. By utilising the paper conversion facilities we offer a- quality controlled, neutrally branded product also called “Joblot”. Joblots are delivered with runnability and often even printability guarantees suitable for multicolour printing on both sides. The source material is typically sideruns, overmakes and redundant material without known faults. Not rejected b-grade stock lots.

    Joblot entails a just-in-time delivery in bespoke specification at an attractive price: Ideal for one off web and sheetfed print jobs.

    Joblot delivered from stock

    Many Joblot grades are held in stock at our production locations in the Netherlands, Finland, Spain and United Kingdom. Using our re-reeling and sheeting equipment even the most unusual specifications can be delivered very fast.

    Joblot is ideal for one-off jobs, whatever the size, and perfect for that rush order.

    Stocklot Sales

    Colombier stands for competitive prices, prompt collections and secure finances.

    Unwanted inventory of paper, board and specialities is sourced and delivered around the globe. We are used to collecting full- and partial loads. This includes damaged stocks and complaint paper. We will also consider trial grades and wet stock.

    Lots sourced in Europe can be fully neutralised including repackaging the goods upon the demand of the supplier.